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What a birthday present!

Last Saturday (May 22) was my birthday. I secretly love my birthday and am sometimes disappointed when it’s not celebrated. I don’t go throwing myself parties even though I think it would be killer if I did. Anyhow, the day started out perfect – 2 baseball games cancelled due to the rain that had fallen during the night and my fiancé had went out early to get me a mocha frappe’ (not a healthy choice but it was my birthday and I knew there wouldn’t be a cake). With both morning baseball games getting canceled, I went straight for the house cleaning. My fiancé suggested that we get out of the house for a while…so we went car shopping.

The intent was to look at options then decide what was best…replace the Venture that I was driving or pick up an additional vehicle for me to drive back and forth to work. Like we need an additional vehicle, we already had 2 other options for me at home.

We visited two dealerships with nothing… Let me tell you, I am VERY particular when it comes to my vehicles (and other things) so I knew it was going to be a rough afternoon. I think I shocked one of the salesmen when he opened the vehicle door and asked me to sit in it and I immediately shut the door – it smelled like cigarettes. We drove down the road to a dealership that I had previewed their selection online. There were two vehicles I had in mind – a Pontiac G8 (which was way out of my price range) and a Pontiac Grand Prix. I really wish Pontiac vehicles were still being made. I love them! I’ve never had a problem with any of mine. After making several trips around the lot, we decided to take a Pontiac Grand Prix for a drive and within 15 minutes I returned to the lot…

Two hours later, I drove off the lot in this…

I’m one happy momma! What an awesome birthday present!

I’ve already saved $60 on gas in my first week of ownership and $200 on my auto insurance!


One Issue – The Job

Here it is another blog about someone’s life. Well, I wanted to have an “outlet” to things that are going on in my life and around me.

Let’s get started…I’ll take you back to the cause of one of my biggest issues today – my job! I know there are many people that are without their jobs today because of the economy. I used to be one of them.

In July 2008, shortly after I returned from a great family/friends vacation I received my layoff papers. I couldn’t have been happier! Yes, you read that correctly. I had two young kids at home – 4 and 8 years old. I had to work 30 days before I was released…that was hard!

I spent 9 months at home with my kids…no more child care! I dropped them off and picked them up at school (preschool for the youngest) everyday. It was great. I was able to get the house cleaned, laundry done and dinner cooked before dark. We enjoyed everyday. We were happy! I was probably the happiest because I was able to do the things I loved and even had a savings account.

In May 2009, I accepted a job offer for the company that had laid me off. Boy, what was I thinking?!?! The first week was horrible. If it could go wrong, it did. That should have been my sign that this wasn’t going to work out. Within a few months, I had drained my savings account. I was paying out more on expenses to go to work and bills than what I was making.

Today, I’m still working for the same company. The same issues are still around me; however, they have gotten worse over the past couple of weeks. Our team has a “new” interim boss – it’s one of our co-workers. The other issue is a co-worker of ours that arrives at 9 (an hour late), takes an hour and a half to two hour lunch, and leaves at 5. She’s supposed to work 40 hours just like the rest of us. Along with that, NONE of her work is correct. Guess who gets stuck correcting her work?!?

In short, I do not like my job and it has financially drained me. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I don’t like working. I just don’t really care for Corporate America!

Hello & Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to my blog! Here it is another blog about someone’s life. Well, I wanted to have an “outlet” to things that are going on in my life and around me. I have quite a bit to cover from the dreaded job to mom’s cancer to my weight issues.