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What a birthday present!

Last Saturday (May 22) was my birthday. I secretly love my birthday and am sometimes disappointed when it’s not celebrated. I don’t go throwing myself parties even though I think it would be killer if I did. Anyhow, the day started out perfect – 2 baseball games cancelled due to the rain that had fallen during the night and my fiancé had went out early to get me a mocha frappe’ (not a healthy choice but it was my birthday and I knew there wouldn’t be a cake). With both morning baseball games getting canceled, I went straight for the house cleaning. My fiancé suggested that we get out of the house for a while…so we went car shopping.

The intent was to look at options then decide what was best…replace the Venture that I was driving or pick up an additional vehicle for me to drive back and forth to work. Like we need an additional vehicle, we already had 2 other options for me at home.

We visited two dealerships with nothing… Let me tell you, I am VERY particular when it comes to my vehicles (and other things) so I knew it was going to be a rough afternoon. I think I shocked one of the salesmen when he opened the vehicle door and asked me to sit in it and I immediately shut the door – it smelled like cigarettes. We drove down the road to a dealership that I had previewed their selection online. There were two vehicles I had in mind – a Pontiac G8 (which was way out of my price range) and a Pontiac Grand Prix. I really wish Pontiac vehicles were still being made. I love them! I’ve never had a problem with any of mine. After making several trips around the lot, we decided to take a Pontiac Grand Prix for a drive and within 15 minutes I returned to the lot…

Two hours later, I drove off the lot in this…

I’m one happy momma! What an awesome birthday present!

I’ve already saved $60 on gas in my first week of ownership and $200 on my auto insurance!